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Information system software.

Software products

Software product is an HTTP-application server automating database transactions and information system development. The software product checks automatically the consistency and the integrity of the input attributes of the information system. The attribute consistency and integrity are checked before database transactions. The method can be used to reconfigure the same software to develop applications in multiple purposes.

There are benefits of using the same application software multiple times. Application quality is better if the same software is used in multiple purposes and in multiple copies. Software updates may be made available to be distributed to all of the software users. Still the applications can be tailor made in custom purposes. The cost to develop an application should be less when the application software has already been produced.


The attribute dependencies are configured

The consistency of the relational database attributes are ensured with a configuration file reproducing the relational model of the relational database schema. Attribute and the attributes it is dependent on are checked before the transactions to ensure the consistency in the database.

The application configuration of the attributes may be the same or similar of the relational database management systems. Usually the attributes have to be configured in more depth than in the relational database schema. The applications still have to be developed.  

Role based authentication and transactions

Authentication produces different roles to distinguish the end users of the application and this information is saved in a session database. These are the so called roles and the roles can be used to allow or restrict the transactions of the application giving a possibility to group users into roles. Session database attributes may be used to identify the key attributes.

Descriptive error messages

The application sends error messages from the consistency and integrity verification. The user can be helped to fill in the needed attributes and write the value of the attribute in the needed form of the attribute type.


The domain integrity and the uniqueness of the keys

The information systems have to be developed. The application programmer has to ensure the domain integrity of the attributes. The database domain attributes may be get from the results of the transactions. Additionally the application programmer may use the attributes as role attributes to ensure the identity of the user and the web browser the user is using and to give permissions to access URL:s.

The uniqueness of the keys have to be provided as in the relational databases. They are usually the identifying attributes or the roles in the session database identifying other attributes. Authentication is the most common identification.

Atomicity of the transactions

The data storage should provide atomic transactions as relational databases do. Usually the authentication and the traditional relational database management software have this property. Other databases than relational databases may be used if needed. These do not have the support of the relational model. Different software modules are used similarly as the database modules for example in sending email, reading and writing files and in logging important data.

Configuring multiple databases

Indexing of the attribute streams provides advanced search options. Multiple databases may be used in URL-calls of multiple database transactions in multiple SQL-statements. Attribute search options are configured using a prefix character. In reporting attribute search options are given as predefined texts in attribute tags.

More software descriptions can be found from the properties link. Please see details from the software user manual after logging in. A demonstration site is available, it is the customer relationships management application used in software delivery.



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