Controller's record of data processing activities of personal data

Information of data processing as in EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council. Document is written 12:th of August 2021.

The controller

Tmi Dependia, Finnish business id 3121429-8.

The protection officer and the data protection officer is mr. Jouni Laakso, tel. +358-40-9521315, email .

The processor of the data

The processor is the controller.

Description of the categories of data subjects and categories of personal data

The register consists of contact information of persons and companies, the information of identified data of the companies and individuals and products and services in use.

Purposes of processing

The data is used in software product and service distribution and in providing software updates. Further the data is used in giving specific information about the products, licensing, billing and providing training services. The data will be used in marketing and communications if permission is given from the end user. Further data is used in forming statistics. The data is involved in the necessary data processing in providing the information system in for example backing up the data.

The groups to which personal data have been or will be disclosed

The data is used by the data processor only.

Information on the transfer of the data to third countries or international organisations

The data processor processes data in the Internet domain world wide. The data is not sold or given further from the company.

Data storage times

Data is stored as long as the license contract permits. The objective is to save the information all of the product lifetime. Otherwice the data is stored until the user removes the data or the data processor quits processing the information.

The user rigths

The user may view, modify and remove the data using the information system. When the software is not available, the user may request the data removal using email or other. If there is a contract between the company and the user, the information may still be used in software distribution, licensing and billing even if the data is removed from the information system.

Description of technical and organisational security measures

The data is accessed mostly by software in individual purposes. Backup data is protected physically. The data access is restricted and protected by computational communications means (firewalls) and by setting access rights.

Protecting information systems

The use of the information systems is monitored using computational methods. The system may contain an eventlog containing user identification used in logging in and IP-address used in connecting to the information system with a date and time. Information is used to ensure the security, in monitoring the use of the information system and in solving possible misuse and error conditions.


Cookies used in the information system enable the processing of individual user data and the authentication of the user. The name of the cookie is set by the administrator of the information system and the content identifies the user session in the information system. The cookie should be automatically removed from the web browser when logging out from the system and the user may remove the cookie manually. The purpose of the cookie is the communication with the information system. Cookies are not used in marketing purposes.